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Eikaiwa Hakata English School
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Learning English is fun! Our staff at Eikaiwa Hakata can make learning English more enjoyable and exciting.


Many of our English learners at Eikaiwa Hakata (Hakataekimae 3-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan) take a private class. Private class is a great way to advance your English proficiency, whether for conversation or for preparation for taking tests. While a private class is a little bit more costly, it offers much more productivity in learning communicative English compared to group based classes, often ending up being more cost effective overall.
Through private lessons the pace and content can be matched to your own requirements. Our teachers take care to use the appropriate level of English for your ability.

Classes we offer at Eikaiwa Hakata English School include:

General conversational English
Japanese to English translation (Course description URL -> Basic Japanese to English translation course ) (External link)
Test preparation courses including for TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Eiken, TEAP, SAT, etc.


Native speakers of the subject language (in cases of general conversation English or English certification test preparation courses, native English speakers) teach at Eikaiwa Hakata English School.

We believe that a language can be best learned from a native speakers of that language, whose proficiency in the language is, in general, much superior to persons otherwise, and instructions for teaching will be most effective and productive to learners of the language when conducted in the subject language.

For test preparation courses our teachers are trained to teach the best techniques and strategies for these tests and have an in depth knowledge of each one.
Of course our teachers are also friendly and easy to talk to. They are happy to answer your questions and know how to help you improve your English ability. For anyone who feels that classes conducted in English would be too difficult, we also have teachers who can speak Japanese.


Eikaiwa Hakata English School is located in close vicinity of Hakata Station, central for business and shopping districts in Fukuoka, Japan. Eikaiwa Hakata is eight minutes walk form Hakata Station. So called coin parking facilities are available just across the road from the building.


Email address: ask-something@eikaiwa-nishijin.biz
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For more detailed information on Myer English School, operator of this school Eikaiwa Hakata, you may also want to visit this page -> Myer English School (External link)

Myer English School also has other schools running within Fukuoka City. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a trial lesson.

Eikaiwa Hakata
Hakataekimae 3-chome, Hakata-ku,
Fukuoka, Japan